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Beamible helps businesses systematically prioritise what's important, and eliminate what isn't to increase productivity by 20%+ and engagement by 15%+

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Reallocate work when people leave

Reallocate work when people leave

Reduce your workload by 10% or more

Reduce your workload by 10% or more

Discover the cost of meetings or admin

Discover the cost of meetings or admin
What is Beamible?

The ultimate tool for business leaders to solve resourcing challenges in the modern world of work

Manage capacity gaps and prioritise
Make informed decisions
Get visibility
Flex well, at scale
How it works

Small effort, big impact

Make work visible
Build roles in their current state using templates or importing HRIS data
Extract insights
Use tags and filters to uncover inefficiency and missed opportunities
Optimise by design
Scenario plan, implement change and iterate

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Seamless integrations

Connect your HRIS and WorkTech stack to onboard teams faster and easier, and keep people up to date.

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The secret sauce

Why Beamible? What sets us apart is our tried and tested work design methodology. By treating work as a portfolio of activities, you get:

  • Visibility into work alignment with business goals
  • Data and insights on productivity, energising work, costs and more
  • The ability to be agile, dynamic and react quickly to organisational changes

Who's using Beamible?

Adopted by leaders, used by everyone

Designing work at every level to get the most for and from your people.

Individuals and teams

Individuals and teams

  • Make workloads sustainable
  • Get role clarity
  • Maximise energising work
  • Eliminate unimportant work
  • Have more meaningful 1-1 meetings
  • Adjust to change quickly and intentionally
  • Gain autonomy


  • Identify and fill skill gaps
  • Measure key people indicators
  • Scenario plan new hires or project teams
  • Eliminate low value work
  • Align work to business goals
  • Have meaningful conversations about career progression and performance
Business leaders

Business leaders

  • Scenario plan restructures
  • Identify cost efficiencies
  • Resource plan at scale
  • Influence change with critical people data
  • Operationalise flexible work at scale
  • Reduce wasted work

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No credit card required. Free for 14 days.

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Behind the platform

Driven by purpose

About us
New certification

About us

Recently Great Place to Work certified, Beamible’s 100% remote team is on a mission to build a happier global workforce by designing work people love.

Resources to thrive

Resources to thrive

Up-skilling is a key part of delivering successful work design. Browse our resources for helpful tools and tips.

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